The ultimate responsibility of managing VIS falls on the board, who do everything they can to make your experience in Växjö the best possible. The board consists of 12 elected members and one non-elected, who is a representative of the Student Union. 

Meet the board of Spring 2018:​

Linn Andersson
President /



My name is Linn and I am a 22 year old Swede! I am born and raised in the Stockholmian archipelago and though I am a full blooded Scandinavian I have never spent an entire summer in Sweden! I love to travel so much that I chose to study a degree that certainly will take me abroad in the near future. For the past 3 years I have been studying the International Social Science program with a major in peace and development studies and this academic year I will study language to compliment my degree.

You are likely to find me around one of the two lakes close to campus where I go for walks, to study, or just to read a good book, if you do not find me there I am either climbing the ranks of a game you do not play or having a fika (do not underestimate the importance of a good fika for a Swede). I do love languages so feel free to teach me something weird in your native tongue.

What I like about Växjö is the 'relative' small-scale nature of the town. It has a relaxed environment and you will quickly learn how to get around! People who live here, campus included, are really welcoming and approachable. For fellow travellers I recommend you to harvest the knowledge from international peers on some good locations to visit, students here come from all over the world- I can't imagine anything better.


Ellen Weiler
Vice President & Local Representative /

Hej together :)

My name is Ellen and I am a 24 years-old Southern German. I was studying at LNU Växjö as an exchange student during my bachelor and fell in love with Sweden and campus life so much that I came back for my 2 year master degree in marketing now.

I love to hang out with friends, learn something about different cultures, meet new people and to dance. When you see a girl shuffling/raving on a party at one of the pubs on campus, then it’s probably me :D Furthermore I am interested in music, playing video games, exercising and being creative.

I like to interact with people and give them a helping hand when needed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me :) I really hope that you enjoy your stay on Växjö campus as much as I do!

What I like about Växjö is basically everything. I love the fresh air and water, the beautiful nature and lakes. Watching the sunsets here still leaves me speechless. Furthermore, I enjoy campus life in all its facettes and nearly endless possibilities. Having a castle on campus always makes me feel like I’m studying at Hogwarts ;)



Emilie Salomonsson
Treasurer /




Marcello Pietro Vendruscolo
Vice Treasurer /

Hallå everyone!

My name is Marcello, even though most people at the Linnaeus University call me Marc. Answering your question, yes, you can call me either ways - I like them both. I am a 24 years old half-Italian, half-Brazilian guy who moved to Sweden in July 2017. People that have met me before know that I have a strong multi-cultural background but, since I am always keen to explore the unknown and curious about meeting new people, I decided to take a step even further and joined the VIS. Now, I am really excited to meet and get more involved with you, international students from all over the world, and also with you, Swedes.

Besides the VIS, I am currently doing my first year bachelor’s degree in Software Technology, even though I have studied chemical engineering before. I am super friendly and open-minded, so if you might have any concerns regarding anything, you can always contact me and I will surely get back to you with the best possible answer. I love being active and practicing sports. My favourites sports are surfing and swimming, but due to the cold climate, I discovered my new favourite: ice-skating.
Other than that, I just want to wish you all a memorable stay in Växjö and that you make yourself available for all the new possibilities that Linnaeus University and the student organisations have to offer. Remember, time never goes back! Make the most of the present moment!

What I like about Växjö is the number of entertainment and cultural events that happen at all the time, in every corner of the city, and in the most diverse sort of fields (including music events, sports competitions, flea markets, food festivals, etc.). So, there are many opportunities for everyone to socialise, integrate and enjoy themselves.


Nellie Jonasson
Secretary /


My name is Nellie and I am 23 years old. I am from the beautiful and historical city of Kalmar, Sweden. I am studying International Social Science program with focus on global studies and political science.

Growing up I have always loved traveling and discovering new places. I love meeting new people and being on the VIS board and also a buddy gives me the opportunity to meet the international students of LNU.

I love listening to podcasts especially scary stories or murder mysteries. So no surprise I like horror films and Stephen King books as well. If I had the money for it I would be a shopaholic because I love clothes. I really love coffee and fika so you might find me at a café around campus.

What I like about Växjö is the size and nature. There are some really nice lakes all around the city. The campus life is rare in Sweden so that is something I really like. You do not even have to leave campus to find all necessities and fun activities. A must-visit is the Teleborg Watertower.


János Lamberg-Liszkay
Web Project Administrator /

Hey there,

My name is János, I'm 23 years old, and I'm from Hungary. I'm studying in the Network Security program at LNU. My involvement with VIS started right when I arrived to Växjö, as I've been in the sport committee for a year before getting elected to the board. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so this opportunity is really great for me to meet the exchange students, you! In my free time I like to play video games, listen to music, read a good book, or just hang out with friends, and talk and laugh a lot. I'm really looking forward to spending a great semester with you guys, so welcome to Växjö! :)

What I like about Vaxjö, is that everyone is very welcoming, and very supportive no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your interests are. You can always find company here.


Ana Strikić
Slottsstallarna Responsible /


My name is Ana, I’m 20 and I come from a nice coastal town of Split, Croatia (yes, GoT was filmed like a kilometre away from my house). I am currently in my second year of bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. I spent my first year here as a part of Jenny’s Buddy Committee and helping out with working in Stallarna. I liked it so much I wanted to be the main VIS contact person with Stallet. In my free time I draw, play video games and hang out with my friends. You will most likely find me somewhere around Stallet because it is like my second home (I just spend so much time there) or next to the lake when it’s nice outside. I hope I’ll meet you all soon and that you will come party with me behind the bars of Stallarna!

What I like about Växjö is the campus. I've never had that experience when I was studying in Croatia and it feels so good being close to your friends and everything you need. The nature here is also extremely breathtaking and I love going for a walk around the lake.


Dennis Outchaev
Booking & Travelling Responsible /




Nicky Mickos
Activity Committee Coordinator /



Emily Poon
Buddy Committee Coordinator /



My name is Emily, and I am 20 years old! I am studying Sociology here in Växjö during my first year. I grew up in the south of Sweden in a city called Malmö (yes, the city where the bridge between Sweden and Denmark is located!) I grew up with influences from different cultures and this brought my passion for cultures to life, and my exciting attitude towards learning different languages. As of now, I am trying to work my way through Spanish, Danish, Cantonese and Portuguese!

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and exploring new places! However, in Växjö, you will probably find me either in the library with my fika (yay!) or at Olympen doing Yoga. Moreover, I started my involvement in VIS as soon as I started at Linneaus University, where I became a buddy! In this way, I am always excited to encounter new people and to make them feel at home, as I do, at Campus!

What I like about Växjö is that everything is cosy. The small city centre, the lakes, the castle and mostly Campus. As one lives enters Campus, it is like entering a bubble filled with dreams and hope which enables students, from all around the world, to connect with each other!


Sofia Martinez
Marketing & Media Committee Coordinator /



Raja Suravarapu
Sport Committee Coordinator /


You can address me as Raja. I am 38 years old coming from a coastal town Kakinada, India. Here at LNU I am studying masters in mechanical engineering. I came here in August 2017 and in a few weeks found myself in the VIS sports committee. Sports Saturday is a wonderful sport event happening for all sport lovers every Saturday evening. By the end of the semester I got the opportunity to join the board. Sports is something I always love. Being in and working for VIS Sports committee is an unforgettable experience.

Apart from sports, I love hanging out with friends and helping others. It is hard for me to say no if someone asks me for help, it is my weakness.

What I like about Växjö is the nature and pleasantness. It is considered as the greenest city in Europe. The peace and the calm nature of this town reminds me of my childhood days and I am in love with this place. Walking or cycling around the picturesque lakes gives a lively and fulfilling experience. Campus gives a feel of being at home and the people here are very friendly and helpful. Welcome to the nicest place.