The ultimate responsibility of managing VIS falls on the board, who do everything they can to make your experience in Växjö the best possible. The board consists of 12 elected members and one non-elected, who is a representative of the Student Union. 

Meet the board of Autumn 2017:​

Linn Andersson
President /



Ellen Weiler
Vice President & Local Representative /

Hej together :)

My name is Ellen and I am a 23 years-old Southern German. I was studying at LNU Växjö as an exchange student during my bachelor and fell in love with Sweden and campus life so much that I came back for my 2 year master degree in marketing now.

I love to hang out with friends, learn something about different cultures, meet new people and to dance. When you see a girl shuffling/raving on a party at one of the pubs on campus, then it’s probably me :D Furthermore I am interested in music, playing video games, exercising and being creative.

I like to interact with people and give them a helping hand when needed, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me :) I really hope that you enjoy your stay on Växjö campus as much as I do!

What I like about Växjö is basically everything. I love the fresh air and water, the beautiful nature and lakes. Watching the sunsets here still leaves me speechless. Furthermore, I enjoy campus life in all its facettes and nearly endless possibilities. Having a castle on campus always makes me feel like I’m studying at Hogwarts ;)



Viktoria Gnatenko
Treasurer /




Alice Ilina
Vice Treasurer /


Nellie Jonasson
Secretary /



János Lamberg-Liszkay
Web Project Administrator /

Hey there!

My name is János, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Hungary. I'm studying in the Network Security program at LNU. My involvement with VIS started right when I arrived to Växjö, as I've been in the sport committee for a year before getting elected to the board. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so this opportunity is really great for me to meet the exchange students, you! In my free time I like to play video games, listen to music, read a good book, or just hang out with friends, and talk and laugh a lot. I'm really looking forward to spending a great semester with you guys, so welcome to Växjö! :)

What I like about Vaxjö, is that everyone is very welcoming, and very supportive no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your interests are. You can alwyays find company here.


Ana Strikić
Slottsstallarna Responsible /


My name is Ana, I’m 20 and I come from a nice coastal town of Split, Croatia (yes, GoT was filmed like a kilometre away from my house). I am currently in my second year of bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. I spent my first year here as a part of Jenny’s Buddy Committee and helping out with working in Stallarna. I liked it so much I wanted to be the main VIS contact person with Stallet. In my free time I draw, play video games and hang out with my friends. You will most likely find me somewhere around Stallet because it is like my second home (I just spend so much time there) or next to the lake when it’s nice outside. I hope I’ll meet you all soon and that you will come party with me behind the bars of Stallarna!

What I like about Växjö is the campus. I've never had that experience when I was studying in Croatia and it feels so good being close to your friends and everything you need. The nature here is also extremely breathtaking and I love going for a walk around the lake.


Dennis Outchaev
Booking & Travelling Responsible /


I’m Dennis, you saw my name above in the text, but it’s good to repeat so you’ll remember my name. I’ll tell my age in the end, just so you’ll have to guess from my picture and (probably) be surprised at my actual age. I was born here in Växjö, so ask any questions you have about the area. I might be able to answer them all. I’m studying Peace and Development, with no singular major. I’ve complimented my program with other fields, such as: national economics, and communication. I’ll be in charge of booking various things for you, which could be a room for an activity, buses for trips and the trips themselves. Lastly, I’m a geek, lover of history, philosophy, technology, language and so much more. If you want to know more, come and meet me! I’ll see you around. (I’m 22 years old by the way. Did you guess right?)

What I like about Växjö, is the calm character. Yet there are plenty of opportunities to slightly, or completely crazy. You will have to look for them, but those opportunities will give you an experience to speak of, and that will help you enjoy life just a bit more. Oh, and something about you growing as a person I suppose.  



Nicolas Kalmer
Activity Committee Coordinator /


Hej everyone, 

My name is Nicolas, I'm 24 years old, and I'm from a small village in the Western part of Germany, within a stone's throw of the Dutch border. I'm currently studying marketing and I'll be done with my master studies in the next summer. 

I came to Växjö for the first time during my exchange studies in fall 2014. The decision to select LNU as an exchange destination was kind of random, since I essentially just went for Växjö because of the similarity between my surname and the name of the university, as LNU has been previously known as university of Kalmar. However, this decision turned out to be one of the greatest in my life, as  I had a remarkable time in Växjö and I truly enjoyed the international student life on campus (hope you'll do the same ;-)). Eventually, I returned to Växjö in fall 2016 to start my master studies.  

When I'm not busy with my studies, football is my greatest passion. So if you want to have a chat about the latest matchday or happenings in any European league, I'm definitely your go-to person in the board. Other than that I like it to take a walk around the lakes, hang out with friends, or to have a beer at one of the pubs. 

What I like about Växjö is the campus life, since on campus everything is close by and you can do a lot of activities spontaneously as most of your friends live just around the corner. Additionally, Växjö offers an incredible landscape and sometimes a walk around the lake is just what you need during stressful times.    


Jenny Larsson
Buddy Committee Coordinator /



My name is Jenny and I am from the north of Sweden, from the Swedish Lapland. I am grown up with reindeers, mountains and fresh air and I have been living in Växjö for about 4 years now. I am studying to become a teacher at Upper Secondary School with the subjects English and Swedish as a second language.

I love meeting new people and getting to know other cultures and thus I have been part of VIS for 3 years and a half. I have been part of the Buddy Committee for 2 years and a half and in the board of VIS as the Buddy Committee Coordinator for 1 year. As a Swede I love fika and I hope you will come to love it too! Fika is love – never forget that.

(oh.. you might wonder how old I am, well I am 22 years old but I will turn 23 in October, see you soon!)

What I like about Växjö is that it is a city with tall buildings and cars everywhere but at the same time it feels like it is not a city but a big forest with trees and green grass. Växjö is a place where nature comes together with technology, that is what I think about Växjö and that is what I like about this place.


Chenyu Huang
Marketing & Media Committee Coordinator /



Matej Buljan
Sport Committee Coordinator /

Hej guys, my name is Matej.

I'm 20 years old, I come from Zagreb, Croatia and I'm about to do my second year of Applied mathematics at LNU. 

Last year I became a member of the Sport Committee and I loved every single moment with these guys and girls! Now I am very happy to continue being a part of the legendary tradition that is the SC, only with a bit more work to do now :)

I love music, I play the guitar, I'm also interested in technology and science and (surprise surprise) I love playing sports and spending time outdoors with my friends.
I hope you will enjoy Växjö as much as I do and that I will see you on Sport Saturday! 

What I like about Växjö is that the city is so friendly. Both the people and the beautiful nature will definitely make you feel at home soon. Also I love that a lot of times biking turns out to be the best way to get somewhere and the "Greenest city in Europe" title which is very fitting.