The Buddy Committee is responsible for promoting the Buddy Program and organizing events for buddies

Our events are alcohol-free and usually directed to the local students and their buddies. Some examples of the events the Buddy Committee has organized are Meet and Greet, Amazing Race (in co-operation with EHVS), Game Evening, The best buddy of the semester (during the Goodbye Dinner), Christmas Mingle and many others!

Working in the committee

Rebecca Höwing has been in the Buddy Committee before, here's what she has to say about the committee:

"Being a part of the Buddy Committee is really like getting a second family. The committee is in charge of planning events that is for the buddy and the exchange student to get together, have fun and get to know each other, and others! Most of our exchanges students think that having a buddy is great, so we are there to make sure they will have the best time possible together! [...] So join the Buddy Committee if you love to meet new and interesting people and being a part of when they become ‘Friends forever."

Every semester, we also organize an event in co-operation with the international committee of EHVS, the economics students’ organization here at campus.


Meet and Greet

Every semester, the committee organizes a fun event where buddies can meet each other and have fun together.


Other events

The Buddy Committee usually organizes non-alcoholic event throughout the semester. For example, every semester there is a board game evening for everyone to hang out and play games and much more!