The Sport Committee is responsible for organizing sport events during the year.

Working in the committee

Matej Buljan is the current Sport Committee Coordinator. Here's what he has to say about the committee:

"In order to keep you healthy through all the "rough nights" in Växjö, Sport Committee organises quite some sport events for you. From our most regular weekly event “Sports Saturday” to ski-trips and various tournaments, VIS Sport Committee aims to bring you the best experience on campus."

To join the committee, please send an email to

Sport Saturday

Every Saturday (sometimes Sunday) during the semester, the committee books a sports hall on campus, where you can play various team sports. Every week you can find partners to play volleyball, badminton and pingpong, and also there is a fourth sport that changes week-to-week.


Other events

The committee also organizes some tournaments throughout the semester, and also other events like hikes, ski-trips, paintball, etc. depending on the weather.