Who we are

VIS, or Växjö International Students, is a student organization aiming to help international students during their stay at Linnaeus University in Växjö. Of course, the organization welcomes swedish students as well.

VIS is a local section of the Erasmus Student Network in Växjö. As such, we inherit ESN's mission which could be summarized in two statements:

  • Students helping students:
    VIS is a volunteer organization, operated by students for students.
  • Unity in diversity:
    We believe that people from different backgrounds can bring different ideas and perspectives to the table, therefore we welcome and include everyone who wishes to participate in VIS' events, or the organization itself.

What we do

In the beginning of each semester our main focus is to help incoming students settle in, and to provide a friendly and welcoming social environment for them. We organize some activities in the week of the orientation, so you can already meet your international peers, and start making friends before your classes start.

After the start of each semester, when the dust has settled down a bit, we have a variety of functions. We organize some local activities on campus, such as Sport Saturdays, or Game Nights. A few times a semester we have a bigger trip to another part of Sweden, or another country. Destinations, lengths, and numbers of participants vary trip-to-trip, but information is always given out in due time.

Some frequent questions, answered

Q: Can VIS help me with *topic*?
A: We'll gladly help you with any questions you may have, but keep in mind that VIS isn't the authority to answer in many cases. We can still point you in the right direction though, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Q: Is VIS working with the university?
A: Sort of. The university is mostly taking care of academic and logistic matters. They delegate most of the social aspect of university life to the official Student Union, Linnéstudenterna, who in turn has some missions for us to take care of. Mostly though, we’re acting independently.

Q: I’m a Swedish student. Can I get involved too?
A: Of course. Local students are always welcome to VIS either as participants of our events, or volunteers in our organization. The same conditions apply as for anyone else.
    We're also always looking for people to become buddies, as a part of the Buddy Program which is ran by Linnéstudenterna and VIS cooperatively. As a buddy, you get paired up with one or more (your choice) international students, who you'll have to help settle into their new home city, and get to know and befriend in the process. Read what Linnéstudenterna has to say about the program here.

Q: I have heard that you have to join a “Nation” to go into Sivans (for instance). Is VIS a Nation?
A: It isn’t. Nations are special student organizations – named for the traditional regions of Sweden – that also organize events and small trips for their members. If you want to enter Sivans, you’ll have to get a membership with them (or with EHVS, the economic  students organization). 

Q: Can I also volunteer in VIS?
A: Absolutely. VIS is composed of 5 entities, follow the links to find out more about each:


Q: I’m a member of another ESN section / student organization of LNU. Could we organize something together?
A: Why not? Send a mail to president@visesn.org and we’ll consider the offer. If you’re an ESN section, the mail of our local representative is external@visesn.org.