The ultimate responsibility of managing VIS falls on the board, who do everything they can to make your experience in Växjö the best possible. The board consists of 12 elected members and one non-elected, who is a representative of the Student Union. 

Meet the board of Spring 2017:


Dominik Selzer
President /

Hey everyone!

I am Dominik from the Ruhr area, Germany, being cursed to living in Sweden for all eternity because of my better Swedish half. Since 2010 I am enjoying the "lagom" life in Sweden (You will soon get to know what that means ;)) studying to become a highschool teacher in this beautiful country. If you want any life changing advices, don't hesitate to turn to me. Being the boards grandfather (born 1988, yes, in the 80's!) I am sure I can help you! :P

I love to shoot people (with my camera of course!) and enjoy supporting the VIS with all of my heart. I want to make your stay as pleasant and fun as possible! :)"

What I like about Växjö are the 3 Pokestops near the Växjö Lake! Besides that, I love the many cultures and international students that you hear and see everywhere here. The campus is great and there is always something to do!


Mikaela Åhlén

Vice President & Local Representative /


My name is Mikaela, 22 years old Swede. I'm studying my third and last year of my bachelor of Political Science and French. I always wanted to learn French and therefore I went to Nantes, France, after graduating from gymnasium. This experience abroad was amazing and I learned a lot from it. I also lived abroad again after this, in Paris during one summer. Some of my interests are traveling, cooking and hanging out with friends. 
This is my third semester in the VIS board, I've been the Secretary for one year but this year I'm the Vice President and Local Representative for ESN. I hope to see many of you during your semester(s) here in Växjö and I'm looking forward to a great fall semester!

What I like about Växjö is the Campus bubble. I never knew that Växjö had such a nice student life before I moved here - and I'm from Sweden! I like that there's always something to do here on Campus; friends to meet, events to join or just something else. Campus is also situated in such a great place, next to lakes and nice nature. Campus is definitely my favorite place in Växjö!



Treasurer /

Unfortunately we don't have a treasurer at the moment :(


Medina Huskić

Vice Treasurer /

Frederike Wespel

Secretary /

Hej there,

I Hope you had a nice journey and glad you chose LNU as your destination. Prepare for a lot of great memories to bring back home! I’m Frederike, 21, moved to lovely Sweden 6 years ago, now studying my last year of Bachelor in Peace and Development. I enjoy living in tiny, rainy Växjö, and I will be glad to show you around. Most of my time is well spend with friends, doesn’t matter if it’s training, baking, shopping, studying – I like spending time with people. Always up for a talk about anything or lending a helping hand when possible. I really look forward to meet you! See you soon.

What I like about Växjö is that it's so beautifully green everywhere, it's such a lovely small city with many cosy places. Taking a walk here really reduces stress, I recommend walking around one of the many lakes. Besides that, Växjö's student-life is awesome and it's so easy to get together and meet people. I really have a feeling of being home and happy here.
Side note: it pays off going to Willy's instead of Ica :)


Anaïs Rousseau

Activity Committee Coordinator /

Hi there!

My name is Anaïs, I’m from France and studied in Lille 3 University. I came as an Erasmus student last year and liked it so much that I decided to stay! I was also an AFS student in Finland for a year, right before I started studying at the university 3 years ago. Needless to say, I really like Nordic countries! I love to travel and meet new people from different cultures. I like to play video games, board games and generally spend time and have fun with my friends! This year I will be the Activity Committee Coordinator! So I will be the one, along with my committee, planning parties and other fun activities for you guys to enjoy!

What I like about Växjö is the nature all around, it’s really beautiful and so peaceful! I really enjoy to go around the lakes, have a walk to the city and get a nice latte in the nice cafés in Växjö! 


Svetlana Kolesova

Marketing & Media Committee Coordinator /

Hello everyone and welcome to LNU!

I am Svetlana, I grew up far away in Siberia in Russia and did my Bachelor in Moscow. It is my second year in Sweden as a Master student of Marketing. I love everything about brands, sales, mass media and markets. I also love traveling, working out in the gym and drawing. I look forward to have a great semester with all of you!

What I like about Växjö is a nice balance of everything: entertainment, nature, shopping, cosy fika cafes, beautiful places to walk or cycle. The calmness and harmony of this place make people change their lifestyle, habits, and hobbies and help so many people to find their life path. Also even though it is quite small city, you can meet people from all over the world and find restaurants with truly international cuisine!


Jenny Larsson

Buddy Committee Coordinator /

Hello there!

My name is Jenny and I am from Sweden. Over the past 2 and half years I have been in the Buddy Committee and this year I will work as the Buddy Committee Coordinator. I believe this year is going to be amazing!  I love organizing and planning activities, events and even my life! My whole life consists of studying, working with VIS, hanging out with friends, playing computer games and eating – I love food. I also love making friends and getting to know other people. That is why I am a buddy and have been a buddy for many years and will continue to be one; because buddy is love! 



Kaushik Vasanth

Sport Committee Coordinator /


This is Kaushik and I come from India. I came to Sweden a year ago and its been an amazing experience for me since then. I love sports and would be happy to be a part of any sport event. My hobbies include travelling,hiking,listening to music and obviously playing all kinds of sports.I love to taste many varieties of food.I was a part of the sports committee last year and this year have the opportunity to continue in the same group but leading it from the front :)
I am also learning Swedish and trust me its really fun.

What I like about Växjö is that it stands out to prove it is the greenest city in Europe with amazing nature and always fresh, refreshing air all around us. The place is just green everywhere you see. 


Sara Fresker

Booking & travelling responsible /


I’m Sara, 24 years old from Sweden, more specifically, the Great Norrland! 
I study International Social Science, with Peace & Development as my major. My dream job is pretty much like Carrie’s in the tv show Homeland! I like socializing with people, laugh a lot, cooking (I love food and sugar in general) and being outdoors when the weather’s nice! You’ll find me in clothing stores, restaurants or at a café (also on the dance floor at Stallarna when I’m feeling festive) I’m going abroad to the U.S this fall and I want to make your experience as great as I want mine to be! See you around! 

What I like about Växjö, is that it’s close to many different Swedish cities, Denmark and Europe in general. Grand Samarkand (the mall) and Espresso House gives me life. The nature and the lakes are awesome, especially when it’s sunny! The greatest thing is the people I’ve met.

János Lamberg-Liszkay
Web Project Administrator /

Hey there!

My name is János, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Hungary. I'm studying in the Network Security program at LNU. My involvement with VIS started right when I arrived to Växjö, as I've been in the sport committee for a year before getting elected to the board. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so this opportunity is really great for me to meet the exchange students, you! In my free time I like to play video games, listen to music, read a good book, or just hang out with friends, and talk and laugh a lot. I'm really looking forward to spending a great semester with you guys, so welcome to Växjö! :)

What I like about Vaxjö, is that everyone is very welcoming, and very supportive no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your interests are. You can alwyays find company here.

Chetan Narashimamurthy
SlottsStallarna Responsible /

My name is Chetan (skip the last name for your own good :P ) and I’m from Bengaluru, India. I’m studying my final year of Master’s in Electrical Engineering. I came to Lnu last year and VIS made my life easier. Now I think it’s my time to help the new students. I love sports, so waiting to watch/play some of them with you. Hoping to meet you all and let’s have fun!