Time to meet Sweden's greatest gift to the world (girls don't count): IKEA!
We'll be going to Älmhult to explore the (renovated) first Ikea in the world, decorate our homes and eat 5kr hot dogs!

Ticket price will be around 100 SEK, which is half of what it would cost to book a return train ticket that doesn't even bring you close to the store. 

And that's not all!

  • Free Swedish meal included! Meatballs and mashed potatoes for everyone, with a drink. Vegetarian option also available.

  • You'll get a nice Ikea blue bag (the big ones) to bring all your new stuff, and an authentic Swedish Ikea catalog to put on your chimney when you'll come back home.

  • If you want to bring back a large item (like a bed), we'll have free delivery on Campus! 

When: 20th of January

Ticket price: ~100 SEK

Facebook event: TBA