You can become a member of VIS for 50 SEK a semester or by purchasing an annual membership for 100 SEK !

Let's take a look at what you get with your membership:

Benefits for you!

When you are a member you get the first chance to buy tickets.
If you don't want to become a member, or if you have a friend visiting they can still attend events. You have to buy a temporary membership, which costs 30 SEK for single day events, and costs 50 SEK for multiple day events. Temporary memberships are only valid over the duration of the event you bought it for.

Access to Sport Saturday

As a member, you can come to Olympen gym every week and practice various team sports for free!

Faster and more reliable service

Being a member makes it easier for us to serve you!


Last but not least, you will get an ESNcard as a membership proof. This card gives you access to a lot of great deals!