As a registered association, VIS is governed by statutes. You can find them here: english version, swedish version.


We have collected all our policies as well in a single document, that you can find here: english version, swedish version. You can read some of the most important parts below as well.

Alcohol and drug policy

Alcohol - VIS should work for a sound alcohol culture among its members. There should be alcohol free alternatives at all of VIS’ activities.
Narcotics - VIS strongly disassociates from all kinds of illegal narcotics. This with accordance to Swedish law prohibits the usage of illegal drugs. Any person getting caught using narcotics during any of VIS’ activities will not be allowed to take part in these or any future activities and will have their membership revoked. The local police will also be notified.

Refund policy

If you want to claim a refund for a personal reason, the trip needs to be sold out with members in the waiting list. You will also have to notify VIS the latest one week before the event, except for ESN Sea Battle for which the deadline is six weeks prior to the event.
If you want to claim a refund due to sickness, you need to notify VIS before the event takes place and hand in a doctor certificate stating that you are sick/not well enough to participate in the trip.
In all cases you need to notify VIS via email at, VIS page on Facebook or the Main Responsible of that event.

Physical tickets

Most events use a list of participants, and you don't need to do anything; however some events (usually Welcome and Goodbye Dinners) have physical tickets or wristbands that you must keep with you. If you lose them, a duplicate will not be given, as those tickets are not nominative. You will need to purchase a new ticket.

Tickets to trips and events are personal, and refunds may only happen through VIS. After an event is sold out, it is still possible to sign up for the waiting list. If someone wants to get a refund and there is a waiting list, they must notify VIS, and their ticket will be given to the first person on the waiting list. If there is no waiting list, the person who would like a refund has to find a person who will replace them, and notify VIS about it.

Temporary membership

Membership can only be accessed by people having a relation to Linnaeus University. If you do not fill those requirements or are unwilling to become a member, you can purchase a temporary membership applicable to a single event. This temporary membership costs 30 kr for events lasting a single day (such as local trips or parties), and 50kr for longer events.