VIS, or Växjö International Students, is a student organization aiming to help international students (this includes both exchange students and freemovers) during their stay at Linnaeus University in Växjö! We're particularly committed to having foreign and local students get to know each other.

What do you do?

We help newcomers find their marks after they arrive. We tell them where to find shops and how to take care of administrative business, and we help them meet each other. We also organize trips and parties for international students and local students alike!

Find out more about our membership here

Can VIS help me with [topic]?

We’ll be glad to help whenever we can. However, do note that academic topics are handled by the university, social issues are most of the time taken care of by Linnéstudenterna, and visa/immigration topics will best be answered by a member of the Skatteverket or Migrationsverket (Swedish Tax/Immigration ministry), or by your government.

In case of doubt, feel free to contact us at and we’ll direct you to the appropriate entity.

Is VIS working with the university?

Sort of. The university is mostly taking care of academic and logistic matters. They delegate most of the “social” aspect of university life to the official Student Union, Linnestudenterna, who in turn has some missions for us to take care of. Mostly though, we’re acting independently.

I have heard that you have to join a “Nation” to go into Sivans (for instance). Is VIS a Nation?

It isn’t. Nations are special student organizations – named for the traditional regions of Sweden – that also organize events and small trips for their members. If you want to enter Sivans, you’ll have to get a membership with them (or with EHVS, the economic  students organization). Memberships usually cost 50 SEK for a semester. You can be a member of more than one nation.

I’m going to study in Kalmar/other LNU campus. Does VIS concern me too?

As its name implies, VIS is located and operating in Växjö. If you’re going to study in Kalmar (or Nybro), what you’re looking for is ESN Kalmar. Unfortunately the minor campuses of LNU (Hultsfred  and Ljungby) are too small to host any ESN section, but you are welcome to join our events whenever you would like!

Can I also volunteer in VIS?

Absolutely. VIS is composed of 5 entities, follow the links to find out more about each:

I’m a Swedish student. Can I get involved too?

Javisst. We’re always looking for local students, either as guests to our events or as volunteers in our organization. One of our main objectives is to foster a better relationship between international students and Swedes, and having Swedish people come to our events is a great way to attain that goal. So Swedes can of course sign up for events, or apply to become volunteers in the same conditions as other students.

We’re also always looking for people to become "buddies" (formerly fadder), our program in partnership with Linnestudenterna. As a buddy you’ll be assigned an exchange student that you can help as he or she gets settled in Sweden. It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time: how much energy you want to consecrate to him or her is strictly up to you. Find out more on Linnéstudenterna’s dedicated page.

I’m a member of another ESN section / student organization of LNU. Could we organize something together?

Why not? Send a mail to and we’ll consider the offer.

If you’re an ESN section, the mail of our local representative is