Slottsstallarna is one of the two student pubs at campus, the other one being Sivans. It used to be the old stables of the nearby Teleborg Castle, but has since the last 20 years been a popular place for students to spend time at!

As VIS is a part of the board of Slottsstallarna and involved with its activities, you as a member get the chance to work there during our assigned weeks! The shift will involve working stations where you will rotate between the bar, the entrance, buzzing and so on. There are awards for your hard work, both for yourself and VIS as an association. You will be able to get bronze  workers' cards, which will EITHER let you skip the queue once, OR get in for free.

When VIS has done a work week, ALL our members will get reduced entrance price the following week. So get involved, get experience and meet new friends while helping VIS and getting rewarded yourself! When the work weeks are getting closer, signup will be done by e-mailing

There are seven stations where you rotate shifts during the night. During Tuesdays and Thursdays only upstairs is open, so there are less stations on those nights. On fridays both floors are open.

The stations are:

Entrance host: Here you check that the guests have a valid ID and membership in Linnéstudenterna (card/app) (which is required to enter the student pub). 

Entrance cashier: Here the guests pay the entrance fee. (Fridays) 

Closet: Here you hang in the guests' jackets and bags! Ya really!

Buzz boy/girl: Picking up dishes and empty bottles, refilling storages, making sure the toilets have what they need etc.

Lounge bar (upstairs): The smallest bar where you will sell food and tonight's beer and cider, as well as wine.

Pub bar (upstairs): If you like to be a bartender in pub environment this is the station for you. The differance from the disco bar is that here Draft beer and cider is sold.

Disco bar (down stairs): The bar where you usually work with a quick tempo!