Perks of being a member

  • You get access to our events first
    The first time we sell tickets to any event during a semester, only members may make purchases. 

  • Access to members-only events
    Certain events we organize on campus are for members only. These events are usually free.

  • Faster service
    Being a member makes it easier for us to serve you

  • ESNcard
    The proof of membership in ESN Växjö is an ESNcard, which also lets you access many discounts if you register your card.


How to buy a membership

You can purchase a membership at the beginning of the semesters on the ESN evening, which is an event where ESN Växjö starts selling its memberships, tickets to some of its events and introduces the committees. During the semester, you can buy a membership during any of our office hours which take place Tuesdays 11:00 - 13:00.

Regular memberships cost 50 SEK for one year. If you don't want to become a full member of ESN Växjö or have a friend visiting, you may choose to buy a temporary membership which is only valid for the duration of the event you purchase it for. Temporary memberships cost 30 SEK for single-day, and 50 SEK for multiple-day events.


How to buy your membership online

Here are the steps to do it:

1 - Click on this link to be redirected to PayPal. Send us 50SEK (Which is the price for a 1 year membership)
2 - Sign up this form. It is very important you sign up using the form so we can add you to our members list and make your ESNcard.
3 - Come to our office in Tufvan to pick up your physical card.
4 - Enjoy our discounts and exclusive events ;)