The Buddy programs allows Swedish and other local students to meet and get to know students from all over the world. The purpose of the buddy is to help and support an incoming student to get settled into the student life and answer questions you may have.

The students who become buddies are prior to your arrival informed about cultural understanding, what to help you with and what is expected of them. Many of them have been on exchange themselves or are later going. Many have also lived abroad to work and/or traveled a longer period.

Having a buddy means that someone is waiting for you here, someone who wants to get to know you. When matched you are supposed to be contacted prior to your arrival, by email or on Facebook. We are aware of that the time before going abroad is very busy but we kindly ask you to reply when your assigned buddy reaches out to you. Otherwise he/she may think that you’re not interested.

Once in Sweden, try your best to make time for you and your buddy. Things buddies and international students usually do together varies but it is common to meet for coffee, go out together, visit the towns or the surroundings, maybe have a language exchange etc. Your buddy is also encouraged to show you around locally.

It is necessary to point out that all students are not guaranteed a buddy, this because many students choose to study here. If you are assigned a buddy also depends on when you sign up. Send in your application as fast as you can and fill out the info requested.

Sign up via (choose Kalmar or Växjö)

Follow the instructions in the application. If you have any questions about the sign up etc. you’re welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Buddy program at Linnaeus University (local student)
Are you a current (local) student interested in becoming a buddy to a new international student? The program is open to all local students: Swedish as well as internationals. Just be aware of that some incoming students indicate in their application that they prefer a Swedish student and then we try to follow their wishes. Also, signing up to become a buddy, you cannot be matched with a Swedish student.

Sign up via (choose Kalmar or Växjö)

Follow the instructions in the application. If you have any questions prior to signing up contact us at [email protected]

Read more about the program, and how to support your assigned student(s) in the Buddy guide, Buddy guide 2018-2019