Working with VIS at Slottsstallarna

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There are two student pubs on campus, Slottsstallarna is one of them. These pubs are accessible only by members of the student union plus a limited number of guests. To keep the prices more affordable students that are part of different associations voluntarily work during the open nights. VIS is cooperating with Slottsstallarna by providing workers for several nights and in exchange, VIS members can enter the pub for free during the first hour(and stay as much as they want) during the regular opening nights.

Workers are provided with food before they begin their shifts and can eat and drink alcohol-free beverages during their working time. At the end of the night, all workers participate in cleaning the stations.

For every night you work at the pub you will be rewarded with the following:

- One worker's card from Slottsstallarna which grants you priority in the queue OR free entrance

- Half* a cinema ticket

- Half* a lunch coupon for STENladan

*By working two times, you receive a full ticket/coupon


You will be able to select your preferred stations before every event. The stations are the following:

Entrance Host - Checking the ID and LNS card of guests. Also responsible for not allowing guests that are too drunk in. (Friday Only)

Cashier - Handling entrance fee payments

Wardrobe - Managing the wardrobe

Pick & Supply - Taking dirty dishes from the pub to the dishwasher and bring clean ones back. Also responsible for stocking the bars with supplies when needed.

Dishwasher - Loading/unloading the dishwasher and sorting the dishes that arrive from pick and supply.

Kitchen - Preparing nachos and microwave pizza

Outside bar - Mostly selling Sangria, Beer, and Shots

Lounge - Mostly selling Long Drinks, Bottled Beer, Shots and Cigarettes/Snus

Pub - Mostly selling Beer, Wine, and Shots. Also responsible for giving out Ping-pong pallets/Darts and cashing in Blackjack tokens

Disco - Mostly selling Shots, Long Drinks and Soft Drinks (Friday Only)


To sign up, keep an eye out on our facebook page:

*Places are limited so make sure to sign up in time!


You can also join our working group on facebook for future events!


Lucian Dragos

Slottsstallarna Responsible

[email protected]