The institutions to contact for support regarding finding a housing are the university and the housing companies. Other organizations on campus CANNOT help you to find a housing! More information about them below.
When searching for a housing, make sure you don't fall for scams! If you rent an apartment from another student make sure that this is ok with their housing company. The housing companies started going after illegal subletting of student accommodations.
INTERNATIONAL TUTION FEE-PAYING STUDENTS got put on a priority list on Växjöbostader for housing
- ONLY in case they paid the tuition fee before the deadline
- AND ONLY in case they replied positively to an email from the university asking whether they want to be put on this priority list.
Which means, there is NO guarantee for international fee-paying students to get a housing provided. All offered housings are for 1 student only!
Searching for accommodation
1. START EARLY to search. Never think that it can be solved last minute. Being too picky could lead to you ending up with nothing. Read all the points below for a well-planned house hunting.
2. Create an account at Boplats Växjö ASAP. Collect points and use these to apply for rooms and/or apartments. Registering on this site is the ONLY way to gather statistics about how many students are searching for a place to stay in Växjö.
The apartments accessible via Boplats are not furnished. if you're only searching for furnished options read more in point 5.
For questions related to Boplats (queuing points, access to the students' queue etc,) email to [email protected]
Upon registering to Boplats you have free access to the regular queue for 1 year. After that you pay a fee to remain in the non-student housing queue.
3. IMPORTANT: On July 9 the group applying in the late round, including local students, receive the Notification of selection results. This means that many students with (a lot) more queuing points get access to Boplats. After this date the number of points required for each available apartment will be much higher than before. If you receive an offer and have the option to sign for a room or apartment prior to July 9, please accept it. Don't expect that something cheaper or better will be available later on. Every semester there are students that choose not to come here to study bc of lack of housing. Rather take something now and change later.
The same rules apply for the spring semester although there are fewer students arriving. The dates for the 1st and 2nd Notification of selection results are listed at
4. There are several student housing companies not linked to Boplats, for example Heimstaden ( , Campushem ( and Stubor ( Contact these companies directly. In some cases it is possible to fill out an application of interest and in some cases an email is enough (but a phone call is better). Find the links via
5. REGULARLY check the student union housing site
Here you find sublets and rooms with private owners. No registration is necessary, instead contact each landlord. When both a phone number and an email are listed in the ads, phone even if that is expensive from where you are. When landlords are approached you reach them faster with a phone call which can make all the difference.
6. The university uses a system called housing priority, meaning that for ex. exchange students from overseas are offered housing. Sometimes it is possible to ask to be put on their waiting list for a dorm room. Contact the university at [email protected] (if you're an exchange student) or [email protected] (all other student categories) and ask for more info. This is only possible if you come alone, not with a partner or with your family. Upon the start of the semester, or earlier, Växjöbostäder goes through the applicants in the queue. Last fall semester many rooms were available and were offered to students without a housing priority.
7. Most student apartments are 1-room or 2-room apts so students bringing their families must take into consideration that a student flat perhaps isn't the best choice. It is however not easy to get an apt in the regular queue since you most likely don't have enough points.
8. Bringing your family/children?
The waiting time to get a placement in pre-school (children below 6 years old), is up to 1 year. Also, it is not possible to put a child below 1 year old in day care. This means that your spouse must stay home with the child/children. Join to come in contact with current students who are in Växjö with family.