The institutions to contact for support regarding finding housings are the university and the housing companies. Other organizations on campus CANNOT help you to find housing! More information about them below.
When searching for housing, make sure you don't fall for scams! If you rent an apartment from another student make sure that this is ok with their housing company. The housing companies started going after illegal subletting of student accomodations.
INTERNATIONAL TUITION FEE-PAYING STUDENTS got put on a priority list on Växjöbostader for housings
- ONLY in case, they paid the tuition fee before the deadline
- AND ONLY in case they replied positively to an email from the university asking whether they want to be put on this priority list.
Which means, there is NO guarantee for international fee-paying students to get housing provided. All offered housings are for 1 student only!
The university has a waiting list where students can register themselves in case there are apartments left that the university is in charge of.
To register to that waiting list, all *exchange students* (Erasmus+) need to message [email protected] and ask to be put on the waiting list.
All *international students who are from outside the EU and pay tuition fees* as well as students who are *free movers* at the university (entirely doing a bachelor/master here) regardless the country they come from can send a message to [email protected] and ask to get put on the waiting list.
NOTE: All apartments that the university offers are only ONE ROOM apartments or dorm rooms and cannot be shared. Which means, that all students who want to live together with someone or bring their family can NOT register for that waiting list. The housing companies check regularly whether there is only one student living in these rooms.
All international students got an e-mail from the university where some Bed and Breakfasts and hostels and hotels in the area are mentioned. This can be used as a temporary solution.
I hereby also want to speak to all the students already studying here at the university and having a place to stay - if you have a room empty or a sofa where you are willing to host a student temporarily, go for it! I made great experiences with that and good friends
Below I'll post an overview about possibilities to search for housing, but before that, I want to say to all students still searching for a place - please don't give up and keep trying getting a place to stay. I know it's frustrating and difficult (have been there as well), but somehow there's always a solution
You can add your recommendations in the comments.
AND PLEASE! No shitstorm. I'm just summarizing the information for you guys and I'm not the person being responsible for making the rules etc. Just trying to help
Take a look at to get an overview.
Search for housings actively on
sign up on (pick the only studentbostad when signing up) and apply for housings there
contact via email or phone (more often to have better chances)
Search on (they also have apartments on campus)
search/post in the following facebook groups
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